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"Enclosed ... are samples of brass cuttings.. These cuttings are after the tool had 6.3 Million die strokes without resharpening. The shear edge characteristic indicates essentially no tool wear! We see no need to sharpen the die."
George Gobel, Operations Manager

"We are utilizing your two presses 7 days per week - 24 hours per day. We do not have in-house tool room for die sharpening. Your press technology makes die sharpening unnecessary! To date we have accumulated 12.2 million hits on the first press and 4.6 million on the second press. We have not had to stop running for die sharpening ... Needless to say, tool wear has been non existent."
George Paszkiewicz, Business Manager

"The  system runs fantastically--it gives us the quality and clean parts we need, is inexpensive, requires practically no maintenance, and, with no hydraulics and inherent hydraulic problems, is perfect for our clean room."
 —Bill Lunsford, Administrator

 "The edge quality on these parts is as good as you will ever find” ... We constantly check for size, location, and roundness, any kind of contamination or defect per our own quality plan. Actually, we have never had a rejection."
Greg Froebel, Inspection Supervisor

Cutting our .0005” thick material was impossible…. Flatness and burr are problems of the past.
Thomas Rooney, Engineering Manager

"Bullet Press Edge quality makes possible the quality our customers demand. We have reduced our scrap by over 98%"
Ed Silver, Thailand

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