High velocity punching and its benefits is such an exciting addition to the stamping industry that the Ohio State University decided to run a series of tests using our patented technology and the results were amazing. The reports outline the forces produced and the effect on part quality for various conditions and demonstrate how velocity and tool parameters make a dramatic difference in part quality Click below to read the reports produced by The Engineering Research center for NET Shape Manufacturing at Ohio State University.

"Ultra High-Speed Blanking Forces"
By Jamie D. MacIsaac Jr., Undergraduate Research Associate, Engineering Research Center for Net Shape Manufacturing and Jochen Breitling, Staff Engineer, Engineering Research Center for Net Shape Manufacturing.
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"Influence Of High Cutting Speeds On The Quality Of Blanked Parts"
By Martin Grünbaum, Visiting Scholar, University of Stuttgart, Germany and Jochen Breitling, Staff Engineer, ERC/NSM and Taylan Altan, Professor and Director
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Not sure if this technology is right for you? Read the user manuals before purchasing anything. Get a feel for the controls and connections and remember that you are always more than welcome to visit our facility for demonstrations and training.

Bullet Press Actuator Manual
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HS3500 Controller Manual
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Like building things yourself? Buy one or more bullet press actuators and build your own press frame and mounting interface to perfectly suit your project and customize your Bullet Press. Click below to see our drawings for the press frame and quick change tooling interface so you can decide to build it yourself or we can supply you with all the necessary components. Our products are flexible and so are we!

Press Frame Drawings
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Hardened Interface Drawing
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