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In 1985, Netronics developed a revolutionary high-velocity electromagnetic actuator that would improve the stamping quality of small precision parts. At Ohio State University’s Net Shape Laboratory, experiments performed under the direction of Dr. Glenn Daehn and Dr. Taylan Altan, further proved that tool velocity played a major role in improving the quality of stamped parts.

Dubbed the Bullet Press, this new system includes an ultra- high velocity electromagnetic actuator and a sophisticated computer controller to manage a truly new “adiabatic” stamping process.

In addition, our Materials Laboratory continues to evaluate how the adiabatic Bullet Press system can improve the quality of thousands of stamped materials. A potential customer can have materials tested and analyzed for the best tooling parameters as well as the optimum punch velocities before investing in a system.
Netronics is an engineering company based in New Milford, CT. We specialize in solving stamping problems for automation and machine builders, stamping companies and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Since founded in 1974 by George Meyerle, the company’s mission has been to develop cutting –edge technology. One of the first to develop the scientific calculator in 1974, the company next pioneered computer technology with the highly successful “Elf”, state-of-the-art miniature computer. Other innovative products and patents have included smoke detectors, graphic equalizers and automotive ignition systems.

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