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Netronics Research & Development, Ltd - 333 Litchfield Road, New Milford, CT 06776 USA - 860-355-2659
      At Netronics we offer:
  • System Integration Services
  • Turnkey Production Systems
  • Consulting Services
We provide support service for Lourdes presses and controllers. We offer used press equipment as well.
At our test lab, we can analyze your material to determine the best punch velocity and tool clearance for optimal results.  Bring us your stamping problems; we’ll find solutions that will save you time and money. We invite you to visit our lab to experience the benefits of our technology.

With adiabiatic stamping, the higher tool speed reduces the force required to cut the materials, which results in better edge quality, less rollover and less spring back. At Netronics, we’ve developed an electromagnetic punch press to achieve these results.

Netronics created The Bullet Press stamping system that can be used as a stand-alone workstation or can be integrated into an exisiting factory automation line. We also offer a line of high accuracy feeds, tooling and die sets.

  • Stamp Hard Materials
  • Thin Materials to 0.0005"
  • Less rollover
  • Flat Parts
  • Better edge-quality with fine blanking results
  • Burrs eliminated in most cases
  • Eliminates costly secondary operations
  • Pro-longed tool life
  • Minimize spring back
  • Eliminate Lubricants - Greener Technolgy
  • Requires no compressed air
  • Compact size saves space
Benefits of Adiabatic Stamping Technology